ATU Operation & Maintenance Service

Aerobic Treatment Unit systems treat wastewater with the natural process of oxygen purification. Bacterias thrive in oxygen-rich environments which causes a rapid break down and digestion of the wastewater inside the ATU as the liquid is agitated.

Commercial ATU Septic System Installation

Example of a commercial installation of Aerobic Treatment Units

When is a ATU necessary?

In one of the following conditions:
  • Not enough land area for soil absorption

  • Heavy solid conditions

  • High water table

  • Close proximity to a body of water

  • Failed septic system

An ATU is a viable option for any of these issues, the ATU solution is a well proven operation success in these applications.

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Dual Aero-Tech ATUs Solve Treatment Challenge In Michigan

A new credit union is placed just out of the practical reach of a municipal sewer. Dig-In Excavating delivers an elaborate onsite system to save the day.

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