septic pumping with crustbuster

Professional clean septic service

Regular cleaning of the septic tank is the cost-effective way of maintaining the entire septic system. The frequency of pumping should balance between waste water volume and the size of the septic tank. As an average a septic tank should be pumped once every three years. The purpose of the pumping is to remove solid waste that is purposefully trapped in the septic tank so that it does not reach the drain field thus preventing septic system failure.

A basic septic pumping or cleaning service includes the removal of the solids from the septic tank, uniformed employees, clean equipment, a crust buster for thorough cleaning, and hands free payment options. Additional services which are provided at a cost include locating the tank, digging services, cleaning effluent filter, and riser upgrades.

Options provided for your septic cleaning appointment

Locating the septic tank

To locate a hard-to-find tank we flush a pill that emits a sonar signal to our detector. This allows us to discover the location of the tank when the sonar emitter arrives.

Digging Services

For many septic tanks the access lid is buried a couple of feet underground. Our service team can dig to this access point for an additional fee.


Septic tanks frequently contain a hardened mat of solids which make its removal difficult. The crust-buster breaks up this mat allowing the service operator to remove the solids from the septic tank.

Clean Service

How things are done is just as important to us as what is done. The Pump That Septic service providers wear uniforms, use new equipment, and are service oriented professionals.

Access Riser Upgrade

Access Risers are installed at an additional cost on the septic tank if requested (This is recommended for ongoing maintenance of tank and cleaning of effluent filter).

Hands-free payment options

Safety first! Hands-free payment is provided for convenience and safety.

What is the rule of thumb for routinely scheduling a septic tank cleaning?

This graph provides the average calculation between users and the size of the septic tank. However, other factors can also influence pumping frequency such as strength of bacteria in the tank as well as water usage.

Access Risers

Your access to easy maintenance

Tired of digging up your yard every time your septic tank is cleaned?

We can install a riser with a sealed lid that provides ground-level access to your tank for inspection and pumping. It is also a good visual reminder of the need to maintain your septic tank through pumping.

Riser lid

The secret for a job well done cleaning the septic tank

The Crust Buster is a  machine designed to efficiently mix up septic tanks as well as tough and time-consuming grease traps. It circulates and agitates the crust, liquids, and solids into a total liquid form to facilitate the cleaning of the septic tank or grease trap. The use of the Crust Buster comes standard with every septic tank cleaning service.

Crust Buster

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