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Septic System Maintenance

Your septic system is the most cost effective household waste water solution. Your septic system needs periodic maintenance to sustain optimal functionality and avoid complete system failure. To understand more about how your system works- press the following button

The inspection professionals trust

  • Septic tanks cleaned
  • Septic tank condition and size documented
  • System inspected with an underground camera
  • Blockage, breaks, or standing water visualized
  • Detailed report presented

Services we offer

Septic Tank Pumping

Recommended every 2-3 years, depending on household / tank size

Effluent Filter Maintenance

Effluent filters are a great insurance for a septic system, giving an early warning before permanent damage is done to the drainage area. Frequent maintenance may be needed.

Septic Tank Locating

We have underground cameras and locating tools to find the system and locate the septic tank opening.

Real Estate Septic Inspection Reports

Inspections for the condition of septic tank, drain-field and overall function before buying or selling real estate.

Sewer Line Jetting

Pressurized pipe cleaning and lift station maintenance.

ATU System Service

We are certified in the installation and service of ATU systems

Underground Camera Visualization

We use our underground cameras to find leaks, cracks, locations and investigate problems

Clogged Drains?

Many times a Septic Tank is installed and covered up with no access risers, and most of the time is never thought about again, until drains become blocked. Pumping your tank regularly will help to protect your system from premature failure.

If you are not connected to city sewer-  you rely on septic tanks to process household waste. Pump That Septic service professionals are experts who service, repair, pump and replace septic tanks and connected drain fields.

Septic systems should be inspected and cleaned every 3 years. Septic systems with effluent filters need to be inspected annually. All waste is brought to an approved treatment and processing facility, environmental laws and regulations are followed to ensure environmental hazards are minimalized.

A Michigan-Based Company

We service the lower SW Michigan area as well as the St. Joseph and Elkhart counties in Indiana, we treat our customers with respect, supply knowledgeable service professionals, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with every service call. Our service area changes based on which services are needed, for whatever question you may have- please call.

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Customer Comments

``These guys are great. Saved me a ton of money and Jim was super helpful, informative and nice. That man needs a raise.``- Allen T.
``Pump That Septic did a great job! I had an out-of-site and out of mind septic system, that for the last 10 years never had any issues but needed an inspection for the sale of my house. I had no idea where the tank was located and was dreading the whole process. With their sophisticated camera equipment they quickly located the tank, and within minutes had it opened up. After pumping and inspecting the system they gave it a clean bill of health. Now the tank has a riser so that it's easily accessible for the future. I could not be happier with my experience and highly recommend the company.``- Peter B.
``We would like to thank you and your company for being patient, helpful and professional with the septic project at my home. Your advice on the current status of my failed system, the options for financing you provided us, and the guidance in getting the details figured out were wonderful! Additionally, We'd like to add that the downtime we experienced wasn't even noticed by any of our family members during the new system install and that was REALLY important. In fact, it seems as if there was none! Our new system is working fine, and the excavation area afforded us an opportunity to get started working on the flower garden expansion we had been putting off, so that's a double thank you! We'd be happy and proud to recommend you to any of your potential clients. Thanks again,``- Patrick and Martha