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Comprehensive septic inspection for real estate transactions, REALTORS®, homeowners and commercial applications is the focus of the report. State of the art video cameras inspect the drain pipes and drainage areas which provides reliable data for the final PDF drawing of system components and conditions found.

A clean bill of health is awarded for the system, or problems will be specified for repair and recommendations given based on actual conditions found in the drain field through this camera scope technology.

Septic inspections reveal what condition your system is in. We perform a septic system inspection which includes finding the septic tank, pumping the septic tank, viewing the septic system using our internal cameras, confirming all parts of the septic system are functioning properly.

Real Estate Septic Inspection Includes

Locate all parts of system

Locate tank and pump down to do a visual check on condition and components found.

Gravity flow test

Verify pipes from house are clear and functioning properly (hydraulic load test in drain field when required).

Access Riser Installation

Access Risers installed on tank if requested. (Recommended for ongoing maintenance of tank and effluent filter)

Capacity Measurement

Indicate tank(s)  capacity

Drainfield Inspection

Underground inspection of drain field area to check size,  condition and detect any problems.

Inspection Report

We provide an Inspection Report, which includes the results of all tests and locations of any problems or failures.

Why Do I Need Inspections?

Official Operation Status

Inspections declare to all interested parties whether or not a septic system is operating properly.


This is important to know because a septic system not operating correctly is polluting your local environment.

Real Estate Transactions

Conducting a septic systems inspection before ownership is transferred on a home brings peace of mind to both the seller and the buyer.

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