Sometimes when customers are facing issues with their septic system they think that the only solution is complete replacement. Depending on the age, location and circumstances that could be true, but for newer systems that are failing or under performing many times it is possible to provide different options that can restore the function of the current system the following are DIFFERENT viable options.


Aeration is a solution where we probe the soil under the septic system using compressed air breaking up the bio-mat. These openings follow the drainage lines of the drain field, allowing the liquids  to flow from the drainage lines into the soil below again.



The SludgeHammer aerates, circulates, and inoculates the entire tank using a fraction of energy (equivalent to 1 lightbulb running). Up to 33,000 gallons per day pass through the 120 square feet of inner condensed plastic matrix core where the colonies of waste-eating microbes attach and thrive.

Organic waste passes through the colony of microbes and is rapidly digested to a point of non-existence.

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